Monday, April 9, 2012

Let's Get Started!

Now that you have a general idea about what a PLN is, it is time to jump in and get your hands dirty! Be warned that what you are about to experience can be frustrating and overwhelming and at the same time open new doors to energize and expand your professional practice.

So if that hasn't scared you off, continue on:

1. Take 10 minutes or so to explore a topic, a hashtag,  and a particular person on Twitter by using the search engine  to get a feel for what types of things you will find there .

2. Browse the Twitter page on this site if you decide you want to start a Twitter account and learn more.

3. Tweets often share resources and tools you might want to organize. Browse the page about using Diigo to learn how to bookmark, annotate and highlight your newfound treasures. 

4. Explore Diigo by searching existing lists for a topic or two that you are interested in. 
       For example look at groups and search for a group titled "Creating PLNs sd67" that you might join.
       Check out the tools that are available on Diigo.

5. Tweets often announce new, exceptional blog posts. Browse the page on blogging  to learn about the value of blogging for pro-d, to find out which blogs to follow and how to start your own! 

6.  Please provide feedback on this new site (suggestions for posts, organization of, resources, pages etc.) to 

7. If you are interested in attending a more extensive session on PLNs, there will be a session offered at the SD67 summer professional development conference titled "Powerful Learning with Professional Learning Networks"

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  1. This was the third time we worked with Twitter during these sessions, and the experience shows that one-time presentations are not enough nor is a single follow-up.

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